Hate Hotel Hair Dryers? Try the MINI Travel Hair Dryer Instead

If you are like most people, you want your vacation to offer that perfect, luxury experience you can’t get from home. You want that balcony with the ocean view, a spa-like bathroom, fine linens, infinity pools, room service, top-rated restaurants run by skilled chefs, and first-class customer service. Then you go to use the hotel’s hair dryer, and you feel like you are trapped in a Motel 6. The fact of the matter is that hotel dryers are outdated, offer little to know extra features, are bulky and awkward to use, and lack power. How can you expect to have that amazing blowout look and turn heads when you are dining on the patio for dinner, or out on the dancefloor with nothing but a lackluster hair dryer that looks like it was conceived by some tired old dead-inside designer from the 80s? This creates a big problem for women who travel, and the solution is the MIMI travel dryer from a leading hair styling tools company in America that uses innovation and a needs-based understanding of their customers to create ideal solutions to maintaining beauty, even when travelling. 

This article will explore why thousands of satisfied customers have purchased the MINI travel hair dryer, and why it is a best selling hair styling tool.

The Size and Weight of a Travel Hair Dryer

Airlines have crazy restrictions on the weight of your luggage, and the number of bags you are allowed to check-in. Therefore, a good travel hair dryer must be smaller than the average model to fit comfortable in your luggage, and be feather-weight to stay within guidelines. That said, the MINI travel hair dryer is ideal because it is incredibly lightweight, compact, and offers all the power of a full-size hair dryer. 

A Travel Hair Dryer Must Pack Power

Make sure that when you invest in a travel hair dryer, it packs all the power of a full-size blow dryer. The MINI travel hair dryer is an amazing option because it has a high compression turbine fan with multiple heat settings that make it ideal for a woman who has a number of hair styling needs and likes to rock a variety of looks. It’s power also enables for fast drying time, making life easier and more manageable whether you are on a business trip, or on vacation. 

Look for a Travel Hair Dryer with Extra Features

You can put 10 hotel hair dryers in a police lineup, and you will likely fail to choose the one that’s awkwardly attached to the wall by your sink. That said, if you are going to invest in a travel hair dryer you might as well get one that has a number of features, and style should be one of them. Look for one with a clean, modern design that fits your aesthetic tastes, and that fits nicely in your hand. Other features for a travel dryers to look for include a tourmaline ceramic grill for heat protection, a high compression turbine fan, dual voltage, speedy drying times, and optional accessories to accommodate your unique needs.