No More Needles For Beauty Treatments

Advances in technology have allowed different areas of medicine to improve their techniques to offer patients better results with less invasive procedures. One of the sectors of medicine that has benefited most from technological innovations has been plastic surgery. In fact, in recent years, several processes have emerged that were previously very complicated to perform, and new methods have developed to treat certain flaws that can damage the patient’s physical and psychological condition.

For a long time, the use of needles has been implemented for treatments concerning fillers or those that are focused on penetrating substances so that these actives can do their job correctly. But many times, the use of needles in the skin can be invasive to the skin, that is why many surgeons who perform plastic surgery Tijuana have been using Enerjet.

What is Enerjet?

It is a device with the highest technology in charge of promoting the penetration of substances without the need for the use of needles. This works thanks to the fact that it emits high pressure on the skin, which favors the introduction of active ingredients such as fillers, vitamins, or any other substance. The high penetration with which this Enerjet device works, allows the materials to be placed in the dermal layer of the skin, which generates better results in different aesthetic treatments.

The use of Enerjet is ideal for those clinics that do not offer invasive treatments as, once again, there is no need to use needles for better results. This technological tool is suitable for all skin types and any area of the body. It is ideal for use in cases of scars, for skin that is thickened or in filler and facelift treatments. The results offered by the use of Enerjet allow the benefits to be immediate and much more lasting than using the traditional needle method.

What type of technology does Enerjet use?

Enerjet uses micro-technology that allows the compounds to be used without the risk of burns or tissue necrosis. Since it uses advanced technology, with Enerjet, it is possible to cure injuries that are found on the skin, which is perfect for those treatments focused on dermal repair. This is achieved by causing the skin to produce more levels of collagen, which results in a much thicker complexion and the elimination of surface skin imperfections — giving the patient a more youthful, healthy, and more uniform appearance.

Enerjet not only allows the penetration of the compounds up to the dermis but once placed in this point, it distributes the material so that the whole area is covered with the substance used, thus achieving maximum efficiency. Since the elements are used employing pressure, the active ingredients are triggered and placed directly in the affected areas, and thanks to the fact that the materials are placed directly in the dermis, the results are really immediate and quite noticeable.

What are the benefits of using Enerjet?

There are many advantages to using this tool, which are:

  • Less invasive treatments
  • Thickening and volume in the dermis
  • Treatment of scars such as keloids and marks such as acne
  • Improvements in the appearance of stretch marks
  • Reduce wrinkles and some lines, such as those in the neck area. Forehead, lips, chin, eye and cheek area

Although there are many advantages to using Enerjet, it is necessary to take into account that several sessions will be essential for the results to be more optimal and long-lasting.