What to Look for in a Lunch Austin Spot Perfect for a Girl’s Day Out (French Restaurants are the Answer)

Austin, TX is a destination for foodies all over the country. From East Austin to its eclectic Downtown area, there are a number of gastro pubs, fine dining establishments, lively bars with good eats, and everything in between to get even the pickiest eaters mouths watering.

But when it comes to a girl’s day out, finding a lunch Austin restaurant spot perfect for women’s groups can be challenging, as these social gatherings usually come with a number of strict requirements.

This article will look specifically at French restaurants as the best lunch in Austin you and your lady friends can ever experience, why, and what to look for in your search for the ideal experience.

Why is the Best Lunch for Women’s Groups at French Restaurants?

Typically, when women get together there are a few must-have they look for in their dining experience. No loud atmosphere, no TVs playing sports; just sophisticated, tranquil atmospheres with a playful and exciting menu. This is why Austin French restaurants are ideal.

French restaurants offer that classic upscale environment, and Austin French restaurants like le Politique give this with a laid back feelings making it a great lunch spot for groups of women who have something to celebrate, or just want to get together to catch up.

As for the menu, classic French dishes like cassoulet, mussels, steak tartare, and crab remoulade will delight. And who can resist the iconic French onion soup?

French food in Austin is also ideal for a lady’s day out because all dietary needs can be met. If you are a vegetarian you can generally get a vegetarian take on a classic dish, and some French onion soups even come in vegetarian variations without beef broth. There are also a wide variety of salads, and fish options. Meat eaters will of course find a number of favorites, and pescatarians can delight in a number of things from lobster, fish and other delights frmo the sea. Even those on low carb and keto diets have no challenges in placing an order at a good French restaurant in Austin.

Austin Wine Bars

Nothing says a girl’s day out like a trip to a French restaurant with a great bar. The bar should have an eclectic sample of wines from every region of France with a wide selection in white, reds, pinks and bubbles. Craft cocktails are also a must. Be sure to call a few French restaurants for your lunch Austin spot and ask if the bar has a great wine list and a bartender capable of making unique craft cocktails. If there is a beer lover in your group don’t forget to ask if they carry any kegs from a locally loved craft brewery!

Follow these tips and you are sure to find a lunch Austin hot spot you and your lady friends will cherish and visit time and time again!