What to Look for in a Soil Remediation Company for Residential Properties

Soil remediation is a critical service required when chemical spills occur releasing hazardous material into the ground or water. New Jersey has a growing market for soil remediation teams, as more and more oil tanks are being discovered after not having seen the light of day in 100 years.If you own a home in New Jersey that’s around 100 years old, or your home was built on a lot that once had a home built at the turn of the century, there is a good chance you have a buried oil tank on your premises. And this means you need to find a soil remediation company to test the ground and perform cleanup services. This article will help you find the best NJ soil remediation company for residential properties. 

Understanding Soil Remediation 

Soil remediation is also known as soil washing and is a highly strategic process that involves removing contaminants from the ground like metals, pesticides, cyanides, volatiles, creosote, hydrocarbons and semi-volatiles. A NJ soil remediation company removes petroleum and fuel residues from leaking oil tanks more than any other contaminant. The reason being this: at the turn of the century homes used buried oil tanks to supply heat and hot water to their home. These oil tanks had a 100-year life expectancy, meaning they are deteriorating and leaking into the ground in our present time. 

Look for a Soil Remediation NJ Company with a Top Safety Record

Safeguarding residential properties and the natural environment should be the main goal of soil remediation providers in NJ. Be sure to ask the service provider to go over their safety history. You can even take things a step further to check and see if anyone ever sued the company, or if the state or federal government ever fined them, as this is all public record. 

How Long has the Soil Remediation Company Been in Business?

Make sure invest in soil remediation services form a company that has been in business for at least three decades. This is a testimony to their quality of service, safety record, and affordability, as no NJ soil remediation company can last in business for 30 years unless they are treating their customers well, and are doing a safe, top-rated job at a competitive price. 

Other Things to Consider in a Soil Remediation Provider

When looking for a residential soil remediation company, see if they have a commercial and industrial arm. This just goes to prove they are a true expert. For example, Oil Tank Solutions is a company that performs soil remediation for residential properties, but they are a subsidiary of T Slack environmental services that performs larger scale soil remediation jobs for large commercial sites. 

The soil remediation company should also be fully insured and compliant, have a professional staff, and come up with quick, custom solutions to soil remediation leaving your property safe and clean.