You Know The Types Of Dental Braces That Exist

Dental braces are one of the most famous dental treatments today, in fact almost all children and adolescents usually have dental braces and it is very difficult for a person to have by nature their teeth in perfect shape and condition, in fact the suffering of crooked teeth is something quite common in people, more than we can think and sometimes this defect can not only be aesthetic, but can affect the proper functioning of our mouth. 

Today there are many types of dental braces, the first to be created are those made of metal, and in fact even today these are still the most common and most widely used in offices. However, there are already many more types of dental braces, in fact, there are already even dental braces Tijuana that are imperceptible to people, such as invisible braces. 

Traditional Metal Braces

As we already mentioned, the most common types of dental braces are metal braces, these are the traditional ones and they are made of high quality steel and use rubber bands that fix the wire to the tooth to apply the necessary force and correct crooked teeth. Once the treatment is completed, the use of fixed retainers is necessary, which can help us to avoid any subsequent error.

Mini Metal Braces

braces Another type of dental braces are known as mini, these as their name says are smaller than the traditional ones, they are made of the same material as the traditional ones, but they can be up to 40% smaller than the normal ones . The only purpose of this type of dental braces is to obtain a more pleasant aesthetic than the traditional one. 

Self-ligating Braces or Damon Braces 

This type of dental braces is in charge of moving the teeth by means of forces exerted by arches with elastic memory, which are transmitted to the teeth with the intermediate element known as the bracket. One of the advantages of this type of brace is that gummies or metal ligatures are not needed, so it is not necessary to attend the dentist as many times and also appointments are faster. 

Invisible Braces

This type of braces are part of the invisible orthodontics and are quite aesthetic, this type of braces are used by people who do not want to notice they are wearing braces. These are made from a transparent material that in addition to being invisible, on many occasions they are removable, making it much easier to adapt to them and it is much more hygienic. On many occasions these are made of porcelain or sapphire. This type of dental braces adapt to the color of the teeth and therefore go unnoticed by anyone. 

Lingual Braces 

These are completely invisible since they stick to the inner face of the tooth, so from the outside they are practically invisible, they are only noticeable if viewed from inside the mouth, as they hide behind the teeth and like the Other types of dental braces are responsible for accommodating the teeth and have the same functionality as any other type of dental braces. These types of braces are not so common, however they are ideal for all those people who do not want to be noticed that they have dental braces.