Social networking, a perfect technique for communicating with customers

To talk about this topic, we will focus exclusively on one of them. One of the most used applications in Mexico is Whatsapp, categorizing it within the three social networks with the most significant number of users. Few people know about the platform known as WhatsApp Business, but one factor to highlight is that those who know how to manage this medium, tend to be very successful in their sales and communication with their customers, so it can be an ideal tool for companies that are just emerging.

Whatsapp Business is an application that allows those businesses that have it to contact their customers quickly, so the interaction is immediate. Since the appearance of this modality in 2017, users have not stopped joining, so it is an excellent tool to be always in touch with the client and vice versa.

It is straightforward to use this application, and both Android and Apple users can install it from their mobile devices. An important recommendation is that people who use this tool have two phone numbers so that one is fully specialized in customer service. If not desired in this way, the personal account will have to merge to become a business one.

Once the application with the phone number is installed, the agent must register the company where he works so that the user and the company are recorded. There should be a description of what the company offers.

Advantages of using social networks

Improving communication

People will be able to contact the company instantly, thus improving communication.

Create default messages

Once people have sent the first message, the company can generate welcome messages. Also, default messages can be sent after a certain number of days where there has been no interaction. Of course, each company will be able to manage if they want to send this type of message.

Absence messages

If the person is busy, you can activate this option where if a customer wants to contact him, a personalized message will be sent, notifying him about his absence.

Quick answers

The person may respond, by default, to specific messages from the client.

Service or product catalog

From this application, customers can view the products or services offered. For example, if a dentist has this tool, he can place his services as dental implants Tijuana so that people who add it can visualize what is offered.

Why should this type of tool be implemented?

Instant communication. Since the message notification arrives at the cell phone, the response will be instantaneous. Unlike other media such as mail, the answer can take about an hour, for WhatsApp can take less than 5 minutes.

Facebook connection. Because Whatsapp is from the same company like Facebook, it is possible to create direct links from the ads, making communication, and contact more accessible.

Connection from the website. As in Facebook, it is possible to place chat buttons that are integrated into Whatsapp Business.

Manage appointments. Companies can make appointments with customers quickly and easily.

Whatsapp Business is an ideal tool to make communication between the company and the client instantaneous.