The effects of confinement on children

It is definitely the children who have struggled the most with confinement. Many experts have noted that the simple fact that they do not go to school or cannot go out for some activity has caused problems in their daily energy expenditure. It has been observed that many of these infants, not having enough space to be able to develop, have fallen into sedentarism, which, in the future, will cause severe damage to their bodies.

And sedentarism is a factor that should not exist in children, mainly in Mexico, since this is synonymous with weight gain. Currently, the country is positioned in the first place of child obesity. Therefore, many specialists, such as the holistic dentist Tijuana, and nutritionists, are concerned about the conditions in which infants are developing, because the increased intake of unhealthy food will damage various structures of the child’s body.

This factor has been compounded by the fact that many families have had complications in cooking, so many choose to buy fast food, making the way the children are worse off. Food planning has to be of importance because the lack of nutrients will significantly worsen children’s situation. So avoiding this will require a lot of commitment from parents, especially if they want to prevent their child from becoming healthier and more likely to get coronaviruses or other viruses.

Childhood obesity, a persistent problem

To begin with, obesity is not a problem that has emerged recently, especially in Mexico. Many factors trigger the growth in the numbers of children with obesity. One of the most questioned is that schools sell or sell junk food, so the government chose not to sell such items. This had allowed a healthier diet to be implemented within the institutions, allowing parents to be safer than what their children eat. Still, the confinement left that aside, causing that now, not eating healthy food in the academies is not done within the homes.

There are many risks that an infant with obesity may present. Still, some of the most noticeable signs are respiratory problems or diseases related to the airways, orthopedic alterations and walking difficulties due to weight, back pain and low back problems due to excess fat, joint pain and risk of arthritis due to wear and tear, and increased risk of severe problems and morbid obesity in adulthood.

And while it may be believed that confinement only has an impact on physical issues, the truth is that it also has a direct effect on the psychology of children, who may show signs of depression, introversion, and worsening of some psychological problems already present in the infant. Therefore, it is necessary that, within this confinement, the parents participate a lot with their children and look for methods to interact more with them.

As well as much more natural alternatives to be able to treat, for the time being, certain cases that the infant may present. The whole family must remain active while inside their homes so that the confinement does not harm anyone. They can leave for a few moments; it is necessary that they always go with all the required precautions to avoid the virus’s entrance inside the home.