How Fleet Managers Choose the Best Construction Vehicles

Fleet managers have many responsibilities. From sourcing the best construction vehicles to managing fuel consumption, maintenance and repairs, monitoring internal teams, and a number of logistics and other tasks ensuring that organizations. It goes without saying that fleet managers for large corporations are clearly masters in sourcing the best construction vehicles from machinery companies that offer reliability and the highest quality. If you hold some of the same roles and responsibilities commonly surrounding the professional workings of a fleet manager, this article will give insight into what matters most for those charged with the responsibility of investing in the best construction vehicles.

Construction Vehicle Dealerships and Locations

There are a number of construction vehicle brands to choose from, but when fleet managers source the best of the best, one of the many signs they look for are a wide array of dealerships. For example, Sonsray Machinery has 13 dealerships on the West Coast selling Case construction vehicles making the brand an ideal option for fleet managers in search of construction vehicles that are at the zenith of high quality. Multiple dealerships certainly attest to high-quality, reliable construction vehicles that are in such high demand that numerous dealerships must be constructed to house and sell these machines while keeping up with high demand.

Construction Vehicles Engineered by Innovation

One thing that captures the attention of fleet managers is when a company that engineers construction vehicles has made vast improvements to existing designs, or has invented an original piece of construction machinery. We already looked at Case construction vehicles as an example of plentiful dealerships. We will continue using them as an example in terms of innovation. In the mid 1940s Case invented the first tractor loader backhoe as a way to maximize efficiency by creating a construction vehicle capable of performing multiple tasks suitable for a variety of jobs. Much like a Swiss Army knife, the backhoe is a construction vehicle that has many tools build into one entity, that can perform a number of jobs. Fleet managers recognize Case as a pioneering force in the world of construction vehicles, and as a true innovator, many fleet managers invest in this brand for filling their arsenal.

Service and Repairs

In order for projects to stay within budget and get completed on time, construction vehicles must be reliable. And part of reliability falls into the realm of maintenance and repairs. There are two types of repair crews for construction vehicles: mechanics who specialize in construction vehicles, and master technicians trained to work on a specific brand of construction vehicles. Here’s the difference:  mechanics trained to work on all construction vehicles have a standard level of training that puts them in a position to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair. However, master technicians for a specific brand of construction vehicles have gone through advanced training, and have taken demanding examinations to become master techs at the top of their industry, specializing in a solo brand with detailed and intimate knowledge of every single mechanism down to the bolt. With such detailed knowledge, fleet managers have full faith their construction vehicles will be in good working order, and when repairs are needed, they will be done quickly and efficiently.