What Contractors Look for in Military Power Supplies Companies

Military power supplies consist of a number of power solutions that are specifically designed for use by the Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard. In addition, they are also used by companies in the aerospace industry, as well as city planners for transportation needs. Military power supplies are designed to be more rugged and portable than mainstream civilian solutions, and the best military power supplies companies can design custom solutions to perform in the most demanding conditions.

Military contractors and engineers are always needing custom military power supplies to help them achieve specific goals for operations. This article will cover the fine points these professionals look for when searching for military power supply companies they can partner with.

The Reputation Behind the Military Power Supplies Company

There are a number of military power supply companies out there. But there is one that is your best option. This year Boeing has gone under a tremendous amount of scrutiny for its failure to adhere to safety precautions, and as a result multiple crashes occurred on 737 Max planes due to faulty sensors that the company, apparently, knew about. Now airlines with this plane (and other Boeing planes) in their fleet are already reporting losses, as passengers are looking for carriers with AirBus planes.  

All of this goes to prove one thing: reputation is everything. And if you are responsible for contracting with a military power supplies developer, you need to make sure the company is reputable. Look for a company that has at least 50 years of experience. This means they military power supplies company has been in business since the dawn of the field’s existence. Then make sure they have partnered with major contractors in the armed forces, aerospace, various government bodies and the transportation industries. A portfolio like this will testify to their capabilities and reliability.

Military Power Supplies and Multiple Uses for Defence

If you are a contractor for one of the branches of our armed forces, and you seek a military power supplies company, you will want to partner with one that creates custom solutions for multiple uses.

When it comes to aircraft, look for a portfolio of projects that supported needs for navigation, flight controls, weaponry, fuel systems, night vision, hydraulic supplies, flight recorders and utility actuators. They should also have a portfolio of AC to DC converters and other military power supplies to enable missile guidance from land, sea and air. Also, look for military power supplies used for custom radar solutions. Make sure the company has created AC to DC inverters and other power sources for base / shopboard, tactical and surface radar needs. They should also have experience in radar and satellite systems used in space.

DC to AC Inverters as Military Power Supplies

DC to AC inverters are military power supplies used in multiple applications to change power types for various operations. Make sure the military power supplies company you are working with has a strict quality control process where these power supplies are tested in real-life conditions. They should be able to withstand extreme jolting and pressure, moisture, intense heat, cold, and be light weight enough to be carried into combat zones (if relevant).

Ultimately, look for military power supplies from a company that has been in business for at least five decades, and that has proven experience in creating custom power supplies for the most challenging tasks in extreme conditions that span a variety of industries.