Why More Libraries Invest in a Multiple Cell Phone Charging Station

Libraries across the country are investing in cell phone charging stations because they know the value these devices bring.  Today’s savvy libraries invest in a multiple cell phone charging station for many reasons, and this article is intended to cover these so that library admins can make an educated purchasing decision. 

A Multiple Cell Phone Charging Station can Lead to Library Funding

Administrators and directors know that libraries that offer the best guest experiences are often first in line for city and state funding. In addition, private donors tend to provide more funding to libraries that offer modern amenities for the current tech needs people have. By installing a multiple cell phone charging station in various parts of the library that get high traffic and where people tend to dwell, libraries can place themselves in the forefront for funding opportunities. 

Increase Event Attendance with a Multiple Cell Phone Charging Station

It is critical to attract community members to libraries and keep them engaged. From book readings by the author, to children’s events, libraries provide some great educational and entertainment outlets. The only problem is that when you have large audiences, and few places to charge mobile devices, fewer people will come. According to a 2018 Quora survey, more than 84 percent of parents with library cards said they take their kids to fewer events at their local library because there are no places for them to charge their laptops, tablets and phones–a big need so they can work while their kids are participating in the activity. By adding a cell phone charging station to areas where events are hosted, parents have the perfect venue for plugging in their laptops and getting work done all within view of their child. 

Attract More Special Guests

Thriving libraries are the ones that host special events. From academic lectures sponsored by local colleges, to new authors promoting their book, libraries are popular places for holding such events. However, special guests have the same needs that community members have: the need to keep their phones and mobile devices fully charged. In fact, many speakers rely on a multiple cell phone charging station to power their devices for their presentations, lectures, and demonstrations. When libraries add a multiple cell phone charging station to areas where guest speakers work, they will  see an increase in bookings and will therefore offer more value to their local community.