3 Things the Best Commercial Snow and Ice Removal Companies have in Common

When September and October roll around, business owners, regional managers, and corporations scramble to get a head start in their search so they can secure the services of a top snow and ice removal company for the winter months that are just around the corner. They understand that having a parking lot, sidewalk, and storefront cleared of snow and ice will enable more customers to have a safe shopping experience while not letting weather-related hazards prevent customers from entering their place of business. 

Here’s what most businesses fail to realize when they think about how winter plays into their bottom line: that the details in the quality and abilities of a snow and ice removal company can make all the difference in a profitable season. 

That said, this article is intended to point businesses in the right direction when it comes to finding the best snow and ice removal company by pointing out three of the things the best of the best all have in common. 

1.- The Best Snow and Ice Removal Companies Use Heavy Machinery for Efficiency 

Keeping a parking lot and sidewalk free of snow is more complicated than simply shoveling, or plowing a space once, especially as the snow continues to fall. That said, make sure the snow and ice removal company you hire uses heavy construction machinery to plow the snow, and stack it safely away from areas where cars drive and foot traffic is frequent. This means a dozer, backhoe, or other lifting and shoveling machine will need to make multiple same-day visits to keep the parking lot accessible–something a small operation simply can’t do. 

2.- De-Icing Services and Treatments

All it takes is a delightful gentle snowfall to dust a parking lot, and freezing temperatures will turn the aftermath into an icy hazard. Black ice is deadly. It can cause cars to skid out of control crashing into one another, or into pedestrians. It can cause slip and falls, and if an elderly or injured person falls on black ice, it can be life-threatening. Make sure your snow and ice removal company uses fast-acting deicers like rock salt or chemical sprays to keep your parking lot and sidewalk free from ice and safe for your customers. 

3.- 24/7 Snow and Ice Removal

Snow storms leave businesses with little time to react. The last thing you need is for heavy snowfall to accumulate on your roof and cause structural damage, or make your property impossible to access in the morning. You can’t spend all night with a team of employees desperately trying to remove snow until dawn. This is why you need to contract with a snow and ice removal company that offers 24/7 emergency service to ensure your business remains open the next day.