4 Ways to Improve Work Conditions for Your Visually Impaired Employees While Improving Productivity

If your organization has a significant number of visually impaired employees, then there are a number of things you can do to improve their conditions while simultaneously improving your organization’s productivity. From creating improvements to the facilities that play to their other senses, to partnering with an English to Braille translation agency, you can make the workplace healthier for your valued team members while profiting from the improvements. This article will examine four ways to create an amazing work environment for the visually impaired that will also play into maximizing your company’s productivity.

Hire an English to Braille Translation Agency

Unfortunately there are a number of companies out there that rely on verbal instructions to keep their visually impaired employees on task. From training to project management, and from creative to legal, visually impaired employees in multiple sectors of the workplace often get paired with assistants and other team members to verbally communicate information. Not only does this method waste time, it also requires others to abandon certain responsibilities to help support other team members in their tasks.

English to Braille translation agencies turn this all around by translating the appropriate materials people need to perform their roles through flawless translation. Braille is more frequently used in the workplace than ever before. When you partner with the best English to Braille translation agency, you make a smart move to streamline internal operations and help your colleagues excel in their professional journey.

Add Music in the Office

Multiple studies show that visually impaired people perform better when there is music in a workspace. In fact, people with no visual impairments equally benefit from music. A nice steady beat can help keep people focused, and an upbeat station can keep the energy at heightened states. If you want to provide a tranquil atmosphere in your lounge, consider ambient or down tempo music. Multiple studies show that sales teams that play upbeat music perform better, so why not delight your visually impaired employees with something they can enjoy at work along with their colleagues?

Add Signage in the Office

Depending on your state, you may be required to have signage in Braille if you have visually impaired employees, but even if your state doesn’t enforce such laws, your workers will appreciate the addition. Adding Braille signs on fire exits, restrooms, offices and other designated areas will help keep people moving in the right direction. Even if someone knows how many steps they need to take form their desk to the bathroom, as human beings we can all forget things in moments of stress. So having signs will help increase efficiency, and improve the workplace for the visually impaired.

Choose Desks and Offices with a Strategic Angle for Visually Impaired Employees

Finally, you can increase efficiency and delight your visually impaired employees by seating them in areas of the building that make sense. If your CFO is visually impaired, make sure his office is near the bathroom, exit, or any high traffic areas to enable an easier existence. If you have a call center, place your visually impaired salespeople on the end of aisles . Sales floors often have lots of sudden movement, so placing legally blind people at the end of the aisle will help prevent injury and create a sense of safety.